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Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida​​​​


What is summer?

It is melted ice cream, dark blue sky, soft cloud,

And Bikini passion girl.

It is leisurely summer holiday, pure beach, colorful parasol,

And young man’s eight pieces of abdominal muscle.

Midsummer sun is hot, midsummer air is restless.


“Carpe Dien,”

Open a bottle of iced beer, eulogize freedom surrounding the bonfire.

On the point of summer’s upcoming, waving goodbye to spring,

Conspiring a grand celebration.

Viva La Vida with its bold and bright color plus avant-garde and fashion design style, designs to catch the hot passion midsummer and the freedom of off bondage. Are you longing for a white beach, pure sea, or beautiful sunset with sea and sky having same color? Are you planning for a vacation? Viva La Vida! Let’s expecting the coming of summer together, waving goodbye to spring and preparing for a grand celebration.

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