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Floral Fairytale

Floral Fairytale

Spring is coming.


Melting the thin ice of the creek in front of the town,

Painting light pink for the branches of cherry tree,

Holding the falling kite in the air,

Convening love between river bank and willows beside it.

So, flowers come, and everything grows.

So, the world gets ride of the coat of winter, the frozen time flows far away.

Fairy tale is colorful, with rainbow contributed by blossom flowers,

Together with the lazy sunshine through the gaps among the leaves,

Raise the curtain for the murmur among flowers. 

Floral Fairytale  fairytale of flower take pink as the main color tone, designs to display the vibrant vitality at the upcoming of spring. Lively color tone together with careful design fully expressing the beauty and brilliance of spring with all flowers blooming through the clothes. At the point of all flowers blooming, let’s raise the curtain for the murmur among flowers.  

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